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Kombat in Pocket

MORTAL KOMBAT is an action game created by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. The action game is a mobile port of the fighting game Mortal Kombat X. It features 3 on 3 duels, collectible characters, customization, and the iconic Fatality.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

MORTAL KOMBAT paves its way to the mobile market. It features both the character rosters of Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11. Players can form teams of Earthrealm heroes, Outworld warlords and Netherrealm warriors. Each character has unique Disciplines and Classes. Certain combinations of characters with similar Disciplines and Classes will form team synergies. The Kollection contains all characters acquired from missions, events and in-game Packs. This game has simplified the movement and command input. It only requires tapping and swiping for actions like attack, defend, tag allied characters and special attack. Specials Attacks are gained from attacking and blocking. More Special Attacks become available by purchasing upgrades.

Variety of Activities and Features

The game has different modes. Test Your Luck offers daily rewards upon logging in for consecutive days. There are Daily Objectives to complete for free rewards. Challenge Mode is limited events that give exclusive gold Kards. Duplicate Kards will be fused for bonus stats. Players are forced to specific parameters such as “bronze characters only” or using a specific character in the team”. They also have to clear five towers before acquiring the reward. Feats of Strength are unlockable after getting a gold or diamond character. Only Gold or Diamond characters have this feature. It enables customization for the Faction Wars, along with unlocking permanent character upgrades. Players can check the Rune Offerings for collecting packs. Quest Mode is the other limited time challenges where players have to deploy 3 characters. Deployed characters cannot be used in other modes except Faction Wards. They will return upon completing the quests. Shao Kahn’s Tower is a 100-story gauntlet of challenges. Players receive Talent Points and account bonuses every time a floor is cleared. Battle Mode lets players challenge maps with 6-floor towers, at the same time players can replay already cleared maps. This is where Koins, Souls, and experience are farmed. Faction Wars are seasonal PVP matches with leader boards. Players can join a faction and the winning side will get bigger rewards. Blood Rubies are a special currency that can be only found on Faction Wars. The game includes Cross-Platform Unlocking feature where completing game challenges will unlock more contents for Mortal Kombat X. This requires a WBID account for game consoles, desktops, and mobile devices. 

Mobile Fatality

MORTAL KOMBAT brings the brutal fantasy fighting from the desktop and consoles to mobile devices. The game is enjoyable despite its grindy aspect. Getting new characters and performing Fatality is still cathartic.


  • 130+ characters to collect
  • Easy and optimized game controls
  • Cross Platform Unlocks
  • Unlocks contents for Mortal Kombat X


  • Contains violence and gore
  • Requires WBID account
  • Requires 1.0 GB RAM and 1.1 GB memory
  • Collecting characters and resources may take time

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User reviews about MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game

  • Junior David

    by Junior David

    it is such a good and coolest game that never played befor but all my families want to playmotarl motarl combat because it is such a good game fore people like me


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